Human Resources

For all of our clients we are here to partner with you to step up your HR management, setting up the right HR infrastructure for your business is a critical step in stability and growth. We limit your business exposure to HR related liability by allowing us to handle your compliance and reporting requirements.

Our focus for our clients is to help them simplify and navigate basic HR Infrastructure:

  1. Partner with companies to help them create the most suitable Onboarding process that captures their values and brand. The same would apply to their offboarding process.
  2. Partner with you to build an infrastructure to capture relevant data to help you make informed decisions. example:
    1. Employee engagement surveys
    2. Stay Surveys
    3. Exit Interviews, etc.
  3. Federal, State and Local Government Compliance requirements.
  4. Create Standardized Job Descriptions that are compliant to HR regulations.
  5. Develop compensation philosophies partnering with Company Leadership, create the related infrastructure and analysis.
  6. HR Audits and Operational Review
  7. HR Related Employee Training Programs
  8. Leadership Development and Coaching
  9. Workforce planning
  10. Succession Planning and Business Continuity

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