About Us

Who We Are

Dedicated to excellence and timeliness of results, MyHRCompass (MHC) employs Human Resources Solutions for Small and Mid-Size Businesses using proven methodologies, adherence to HR laws and Compliance statutes.

Our mission is to not be all things to all people, but to be experts focused on HR solutions we provide to our clients for the stability of the their businesses, through their growth and rapidly changing business climates.

Our job is to listen carefully to our clients to understand the uniqueness of their needs, tailor our approach, and fully dedicate our resources to provide them with the right solutions. Our clients value our approach of project immersion and direct development of strong business relations.

Understanding our client allows us to respond to each need with targeted solutions and attention to detail. Our high standard of excellence and commitment to proven results are the keys to our success.

We aspire to be your Trusted Partner.

Our Clients

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)

Mid-Size Businesses (50-500 employees)

We are at Our Finest when:


Helping Small organization put HR Infrastructures in place, match them to the right talent to help their businesses grow. We will also connect them with strategic business partners that would provide them with robust business solutions.


Helping Mid-Size organizations with strategic workforce planning, matching them up with difficult-to-locate-resources and-entice individuals for those situations when cultural and chemistry fit are key to the organizational success.

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